Plas¬≠mi¬≠on Month¬≠ly Break¬≠fast ūü•ź‚ėēūüí¨

We want to crea¬≠te more op¬≠por¬≠tu¬≠ni¬≠ties to spend mo¬≠ments with the team that are un¬≠re¬≠la¬≠ted to work and ra¬≠ther per¬≠so¬≠nal. That‚Äôs why we are plan¬≠ning to es¬≠tab¬≠lish a small joint break¬≠fast every se¬≠cond Tues¬≠day a month at 10:30 AM.

Every break¬≠fast will be pre¬≠pared by two peo¬≠p¬≠le, ro¬≠ta¬≠ting of cour¬≠se, who bring the food (we will prepa¬≠re a shop¬≠ping list for in¬≠spi¬≠ra¬≠ti¬≠on so don‚Äôt worry ūüėČ). The re¬≠ceipts can be han¬≠ded in.

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