Di­rect MS-Ba­sed Breath

The SICRIT ® So­lu­ti­on for Breath Ana­ly­sis: Bio­mar­ker dis­co­very in exha­led breath en­ab­ling non in­va­si­ve cli­ni­cal dia­gno­stics ba­sed on di­rect MS.


En­ab­ling bio­mar­ker dis­co­very & me­ta­bo­lism mo­ni­to­ring

With the SICRIT® Breath Ana­ly­sis Mo­du­le we are able to pro­vi­de non-in­va­si­ve sam­ple coll­ec­tion tech­ni­ques, such as breath ana­ly­sis. Com­bi­ning this tech­no­lo­gy with the SICRIT® io­niza­ti­on source we are able to con­duct me­ta­bo­lic mo­ni­to­ring of the vo­la­ti­le com­pounds that are pre­sent in a person’s breath. Here, we can do both real-time ana­ly­sis of a person’s me­ta­bo­lism and iden­ti­fy po­ten­ti­al bio­mar­kers.

As seen from the image, with our mi­ni­mal frag­men­ta­ti­on and clean MS1 spec­tra, we can ea­si­ly pro­du­ce the­se full spec­trum views of both tar­ge­ted and non-tar­ge­ted bio­mar­kers, al­lo­wing for more ef­fi­ci­ent pro­ces­sing and ob­ser­va­ti­on of com­plex samples, such as breath.

Graphic that shows a full spec­trum view of tar­ge­ted and non-tar­ge­ted bio­mar­kers in breath
Graphic that shows an unique human me­ta­bo­lo­mic pro­file

With the SICRIT® Breath Ana­ly­sis Mo­du­le cou­pled to the SICRIT® io­niza­ti­on source, we are able to io­ni­ze a wide ar­ray of po­lar and non-po­lar com­pounds with an in­creased le­vel of sen­si­ti­vi­ty, of a person’s breath. This al­lows for a uni­que pro­fi­le to be coll­ec­ted from each in­di­vi­du­al, crea­ting a uni­que me­ta­bo­lo­mic fin­ger­print. In this par­ti­cu­lar stu­dy, we are able to show how two in­di­vi­du­als will dif­fer in their me­ta­bo­lo­mic pro­files. Fur­ther­mo­re, the same ex­pe­ri­ment is ap­pli­ed to the same in­di­vi­du­al and the ch­an­ges wi­thin the pro­fi­le that oc­cur over time.

Sin­ce the SICRIT® io­niza­ti­on source, and sub­se­quent­ly the SICRIT® Breath Ana­ly­sis Mo­du­le, can be cou­pled to any mass spec­tro­me­ter, you can also con­duct breath ana­ly­sis with your in­stru­ment of choice, whe­ther it be with High Re­so­lu­ti­on or Low Re­so­lu­ti­on.

Here, you can see from a tar­ge­ted ana­ly­sis ap­proach using the SICRIT® Breath Ana­ly­sis Mo­du­le that with the High Re­so­lu­ti­on you can ea­si­ly in­ter­pret the di­rect me­a­su­re­ment re­sults at the MS1 spec­tra le­vel.

Graphic that shows the MS1 spec­tra level via di­rect me­a­su­re­ment using the SICRIT® Breath Ana­ly­sis Mo­du­le and a High Resolution MS

Re­la­ted App No­tes

SICRIT®-HRMS for Tar­ge­ted Ex­po­so­mic-Me­ta­bo­lo­mic Re­se­arch th­rough Di­rect Re­spi­ra­to­ry Ana­ly­sis
We de­mons­tra­te an ex­ten­si­on of con­ven­tio­nal ca­pa­bi­li­ties for the SICRIT® io­niza­ti­on source, cou­pled to a high-re­so­lu­ti­on MS in­stru­ment, th­rough a me­ta­bo­lo­mic-ba­sed breath ana­ly­sis and how ef­fi­ci­ent it is to con­duct tar­ge­ted stu­dies of dy­na­mic me­ta­bo­lo­mic pro­files, of the lungs, for an in­di­vi­du­al per­son, in real­time.

SICRIT® – HRMS for Exha­led Breath Ana­ly­sis
We show, how ea­si­ly the SICRIT® Ion source can be ad­apt­ed to high-re­­so­lu­­ti­on MS in­stru­ments for trace ana­ly­sis of bio­mar­kes and me­ta­boli­tes in exha­led breath.

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