The SICRIT® Ion Source in com­bi­na­ti­on with a la­ser ab­la­ti­on set­up or as post-io­niza­ti­on de­vice for (AP-) MALDI en­ables MS ima­ging down to 5μm.

High Re­so­lu­ti­on La­ser Ab­la­ti­on

Graphic that shows the com­bi­na­ti­on of a UV-la­ser ab­la­ti­on sys­tem with a heated transfer line and the flow-th­rough SICRIT® Ion Source to a MS

The com­bi­na­ti­on of a UV-la­ser ab­la­ti­on sys­tem with the flow-th­rough SICRIT® Ion Source al­lows for a ef­fi­ci­ent, soft io­niza­ti­on-ba­sed vi­sua­liza­ti­on of mole­cu­les with a very high spa­ti­al re­so­lu­ti­on.

The SICRIT® ion source can be hy­phen­a­ted to any com­mer­cial la­ser ab­la­ti­on sys­tem and ne­ar­ly any API mass spec­tro­me­ter that is com­mer­ci­al­ly available. This makes this tech­ni­que easy to ad­apt to in­di­vi­du­al needs re­gar­ding the sam­ple type and ana­ly­ti­cal ques­ti­on.“

Elia, E.A. et al, Anal. Chem. 2020, 92, 15285–15290

Pos­tio­niza­ti­on For (AP)Maldi

Graphic that shows the com­bi­na­ti­on of a UV-la­ser ab­la­ti­on sys­tem as a primary ionization method coupled via a heated transfer line to the flow-th­rough SICRIT® Ion Source as a secondary ionization to a MS

Using the flow-th­rough SICRIT® Ion Source as post-io­niza­ti­on de­vice for AP-MALDI ima­ging al­lows to io­ni­ze and vi­sua­li­ze ad­di­tio­nal mole­cu­les that have not been io­ni­zed with the pri­ma­ry io­niza­ti­on source. This si­gni­fi­cant­ly ex­pands the mass spec­tro­me­tric view on the sam­ple in an MS ima­ging ap­proach.

The ease with which the SICRIT® de­vice can be in­stal­led and the mi­ni­mal need for op­ti­miza­ti­on pres­ents this com­mer­ci­al­ly available tool as an at­trac­ti­ve me­thod for simp­le post-io­niza­ti­on for any AP-MALDI MS ima­ging.“

Elia, E.A. et al, Anal. Chem. 2020, 92, 15285–15290

Re­la­ted Pa­pers

At­mo­sphe­ric-Pres­su­re In­frared La­ser-Ab­la­ti­on Plas­ma-Pos­tio­niza­ti­on Mass Spec­tro­me­try Ima­ging
Here, we pre­sent a no­vel mo­da­li­ty, at­­mo­s­phe­ric-pres­­su­­re in­frared la­­ser-ab­la­­ti­on plas­ma pos­tio­niza­ti­on (AP-IR-LA-PPI), with the first pro­of-of-con­cept ex­amp­les of MSI for FFPE and fresh-fro­­zen tis­sues, with no post-sec­­tio­­ning sam­ple pre­pa­ra­ti­on.

Mass Spec­tro­me­try Ima­ging Using MALDI Cou­pled with Plas­ma-Ba­sed Post-Io­niza­ti­on
Here we re­port the de­ve­lo­p­ment and op­ti­miza­ti­on of a mass spec­tro­me­try ima­ging (MSI) plat­form that com­bi­nes an at­­mo­s­phe­ric-pres­­su­­re ma­­trix-as­­sis­­ted la­ser desorption/ionization plat­form with plas­ma pos­tio­niza­ti­on (AP-MALDI-PPI) and trap­ped ion mo­bi­li­ty spec­tro­me­try (TIMS).

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