Plas­mi­on at ASMS

We are ex­ci­ted to an­noun­ce our par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in the ASMS con­fe­rence 2024 from June 2–6 in Ana­heim, Ca­li­for­nia!

What a bril­li­ant event to talk about mass spec­tro­me­try, our fa­vo­ri­te to­pic ob­vious­ly, and ex­ch­an­ge in­no­va­tions and new ide­as. We will pre­sent our SICRIT ion source at our booth (spot 235) and at the Agi­lent Hos­pi­ta­li­ty Suite whe­re we will also show­ca­se the new ver­si­on of our Ha­Voc Sen­so­ry Sys­tem. So come vi­sit us and let’s talk sci­ence!

Loo­king for so­me­thing more pri­va­te? In­di­vi­du­al ap­point­ments will be available upon re­quest. Go ahead and sel­ect a date and time that would be con­ve­ni­ent.

We are proud to an­noun­ce that the­re will also be pos­ter pre­sen­tia­ti­ons about the la­test pro­jects with SICRIT which we en­cou­ra­ge you to at­tend. Check out the de­tails down be­low.

We look for­ward to see­ing you in Ca­li­for­nia!

Whe­re you can find us:

Booth 235

June 2–6

Hos­pi­ta­li­ty Suite of Agi­lent

Ana­heim Mar­riott Mar­quis Ball­room South
June 3–5
8:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Pos­ter Pre­sen­ta­ti­ons & Talks:


SICRIT-HRMS for Me­ta­bo­lic Pro­fil­ing th­rough Di­rect Breath Ana­ly­sis
MP 004

Jan-Chris­toph Wolf

Por­ta­ble Mass Spec­tro­me­ter with Dielec­tric Bar­ri­er Di­schar­ge Io­niza­ti­on for the Di­rect Ana­ly­sis of Con­trol­led Sub­s­tance­sand Ex­plo­si­ves
MP 011

Tay­lor Hay­ward


Eva­lua­ti­on of Dielec­tric Bar­ri­er Di­schar­ge Io­niza­ti­on (DBDI) for the Iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of Xe­no­bio­tic En­vi­ron­men­tal Me­ta­boli­tes and De­gra­da­ti­on Pro­ducts
MP 194

Jef­frey Gil­bert

Over­co­ming Sam­pling Chal­lenges in Ana­ly­zing Re­tai­ned Tea Fla­vor Using Soft Io­niza­ti­on by Che­mi­cal Re­ac­tion in Trans­fer (SICRIT)
TP 119

Xin­wei Feng


Il­li­cit Drug De­sorp­ti­on and Che­mi­cal Pro­fil­ing of Fin­ger­prints using SICRIT Ion Source: A Ra­pid Ana­ly­sis Ap­proach
ThP 280

Cia­ra Con­way

Flow mo­du­la­ted GCxGC in com­bi­na­ti­on with at­mo­sphe­ric pres­su­re mass spec­tro­sco­py using the SICRIT io­niza­ti­on source

Al­li­son Ferran­ti

Com­pa­ri­son of Exha­led Breath Con­den­sa­te Mar­kers Using Two Io­niza­ti­on Me­thods: Elec­tro­spray Io­niza­ti­on and Dielec­tric Bar­ri­er Di­schar­ge Io­niza­ti­on
MP 797

Ta­tia­na Ro­dri­guez

Eva­lua­ti­on of soft io­niza­ti­on by che­mi­cal re­ac­tion in trans­fer for the de­tec­tion of small mole­cu­le or­ga­nic com­pounds
MP 008

Cheng­li Zu

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